The Changing Future of the Core Aftermarket:

Thursday, November 08, 2018

In recent months, we’ve become no strangers to anxious comments circulating automotive aftermarket events such as “I love this industry, but I’m not so sure how much longer there will be such a need for aftermarket core”. It’s true that times are changing, and ultimately technology is always going to continue advancing, but our view on the future of the automotive aftermarket is still as positive as ever.

At Premier Components, we believe that the key to success in an ever-changing industry is with innovation and adaptation, and this is a belief that’s strongly cemented into all our core business strategies. Fear about change is often a natural human reaction, we are programmed to react in this way, but we believe that being proactive with new solutions and approaches is the healthiest way to tackle any uncertainties, whether in business or in everyday life.

As the future slowly begins to unfold and automotive technology advances we are likely to start seeing a new generation of features within our vehicles, these will most likely include more economical engines reliant on electrical power, safety enhancements and more convenient driving systems with a focus on entertainment and making driving effortless. Whilst this may be bad news if you are a car enthusiast who is eager to continue driving cars in the traditional way, we believe that this is great news for the automotive aftermarket industry – an easier, more enjoyable driving experience will ultimately lead to more vehicle usage to those who may have not been able to drive traditional cars, more miles being driven, which as anyone in the re-manufacturing sector will be able to tell you, is always good for business.

The bottom line is, any changes in the automotive aftermarket industry aren’t going to appear overnight, the change will be slow and there will be plenty of time for the industry to adjust and adapt, and we have absolutely no doubt that in the future, the aftermarket sector will continue to thrive.


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