Strengthening our European Presence

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Premier Components has long been known as a core market leader, not only within the UK, but throughout Europe as well. Our strong reputation across Europe has been developed and achieved due to our unrivalled levels of stock and continuous activity and investment throughout many EU countries. For many years we have had buyers on the road over in Europe, visiting suppliers and personally sorting through core to ensure only the best quality stock ends up in our warehouses. Many of these buyers are multilingual and some travel from the UK whilst others are based out across Europe, meaning that someone is always on hand to arrange a visit to your site.

More recently, we have also grown our multilingual team back at our main headquarters in England, meaning that we now have staff members fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German and Romanian (to name a few). This allows us to overcome any language barriers we face, meaning that communication with us is always clear and any queries can be answered at the required level of detail. These members of staff also regularly visit European automotive trade shows, not only to exhibit, but also to network and connect face-to-face with both new and existing Premier customers and suppliers. Back in 2013 we also invested in another core branch in Poland which now has over 8 members of full-time staff, allowing us to trade at a higher level throughout Europe than ever before.

This combined effort of increased Premier staff presence throughout Europe and our excellent multilingual team members have meant that Premier has been able to grow and become a trusted stockist of core parts throughout Europe and beyond! If you have surplus used car parts to sell or are involved in the re-manufacturing industry and are looking for a reputable new supplier, then please get in touch with us today via our website contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and offering you the best solutions for your needs.


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