Five Signs Brake Calipers Are Fading

Friday, January 12, 2018

We all want to feel trust in our brakes, helping you to get around corners and keeping you out of danger. But when they do start to have issues, it needs to be investigated quickly. Here are five signs to keep an eye out on to find and fix caliper issues early. 

Hard to push pedal

If the brake pedal proves harder to push, it’s likely that it is being caused by the caliper being out of sync with the rest of the system. If it takes a lot of physical effort to apply the brakes, this is what you need to look in to. 

Pulling to one side

One thing to monitor is how the car feels under braking. Do you have to counter steer as the car pulls to one side when you brake or just driving down the road? If a caliper seizes, usually due to overheating, this is a big sign that there is a brake issue. If you start to feel your car pull, it’s worth getting it checked out before the brakes completely fail. 

Not stopping in time

Of course, if you brake and expected performance doesn’t match reality, it’s more than time to look into what is causing it. Keep an eye out if you need to brake harder than you expect to stop or overshoot at a junction. 

Leaking brake fluid

Keeping pressure in the brake fluid chamber is critical to stopping performance. Pressure between the master cylinder and the pedal extend the piston and stop the car gradually. As a result, any leakages will leave the car struggling to stop and perform as expected. The fluid is kept in by a rubber seal which can overheat with the energy transferred during braking. This then allows the fluid to leak out and effect performance of the caliper. 

Noise when braking

As ever, you need to drive with your ears to diagnose issues with your vehicle. Listen out for any abnormal sounds when you are braking including which corner the noise is coming from and if there are any sounds then investigate further.

Those are the symptoms to be aware of when your brake calipers start to age. When they do reach end of life, we are the team to talk to. We have an experienced team to source used automotive core and provide a quote with a price that is right for you. If you have a stock of calipers, let us know what you have by emailing to find out how we can help you. 


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