Maintaining your Fleet

Friday, August 25, 2017
Commercial components

Nothing affects your bottom line more than a commercial vehicle being off-the-road, causing delays to your scheduling and reducing company productivity and as such it is vital to maintain your trucks, vans and lorries to avoid unnecessary trips to the garage. 
Here’s our guide for the best ways to keep the wheels turning. 

Keep track of issues 
A problem can’t be solved until you are aware of it. Spotting and recording issues straight away is always a benefit before running the vehicle causes further damage. Implement a daily walk around check for your team and ensure defects are recorded before you get on the road to nip the problem in the bud. Anything major should be fixed straight away because it will only get worse – and more expensive. 

Keep it on file
It’s tough but it’s worth it. Keep track of details for all vehicles, for example any issues you have had, what repairs have been done when each vehicle was last serviced and equally when each vehicle is due its next service. 
Once it’s all on record, it’s likely that minor issues won’t be forgotten about and allowed to manifest into a major issue. What’s more, if there’s a persistent issue, it can be highlighted quicker, helping you to identify whether a part can be fixed or if it is a repeat offender and needs to be replaced. 

Drive sensibly
It may not be popular but encouraging sensible driving is the best way to extend the life of vehicle components. Driving at the correct speed in the correct gear and gentle braking can go a long way to prevent overheating and high pressures as well as ensuring the engine, steering box, clutch, gearbox or tyres aren’t overworked, as well as avoiding potential exterior damage to the vehicle.   

Stay compliant
Finally, regulations are always worth checking. It’s a really simple thing that can affect productivity if your fleet need to be taken to the garage in a busy period to become compliant. Keeping up to date allows you to schedule in visits when it’s quiet before rules come into effect. 

Being smart with maintenance checks and avoiding unnecessary fixes is key to maximising your bottom line. But every part has a lifespan and when components are replaced, Premier Core is the first place to call. We have a team heavily integrated in the commercial core industry. Our team of experienced buyers can come and visit your premises, help you to clear out storage space and provide you with a quote for the core you own. We are the leading UK core broker, to discuss your used or faulty auto components, you can call us on 01789 722991 or email 


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