Seven ways to maintain your engine

Monday, October 30, 2017

We all want to keep our cars running and the most important part of that is to powering it forward. There are some simple steps that anyone can do, as well as some more complex tasks for those who want to get the absolute maximum long-term engine reliability. 

Change the oil

The most important element to keeping an engine healthy is keeping it well lubricated. Old oil has lots of dirt and particles in it that will chip and break parts of the engine, damaging seals and stopping parts from moving as easily as they should.

Change the filters

One thing you can do is ensure the filters are fresh and keeping damaging contaminants aren’t getting into the engine. The key parts here are the fuel, air and oil filter, ensuring that everything that comes into the engine is clean and keeps your motor running efficiently.

Change the PCV valve

As well as ensuring only the good stuff gets in, you need to allow the bad stuff to get out. If noxious gas created by the ignition in the engine can’t escape, the hot air increases the pressure in the crank case and makes the engine work harder just to maintain regular performance, let alone achieving peak efficient performance.

Keep it cool

In order to keep the engine in its comfort zone, other elements of the car need to be running smoothly, most importantly the cooling system, ensuring that the engine isn’t subject to damage caused by heat or pressure changes.

Check for leaks

As we said above, issues with other parts can impact engine performance and reliability. However, in cases with fluid, it’s the leak that could also cause damage with fluids dripping onto wires or even into the system and impacting the reliability of the drivetrain as a whole.

Don’t let belts damage the engine

Cam belts, as well as other belts, are key to the engine running. And while they can still operate with damage or stretched belts, it’s a big risk as the belt snapping can cause significant, often irreparable damage to the engine.

Don’t run your tank too low

One of the easiest things you can do is ensure there is always some fuel in the tanks, ensuring that pump and valves aren’t overworked to keep the engine running, rather than having to search for every lost drop of petrol or diesel before you fill up again.

Those are our steps to follow to maintain your engine and keep it running as long as possible. When parts do age that little too much though, we’re the team to talk to. Our experienced group of buyers as well as our warehouse team source the best used automotive core and prepare it for remanufacturing, reducing the need to scrap old and damaged units. You can like us on Facebook or even give us a call on 01789 721010 for more information. 


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