How We Price Your Old Core

Friday, May 04, 2018

How we price each individual unit that we purchase is a frequent question that we are asked here at Premier Components UK Ltd. 

We understand that customers are always looking to get the very best prices for their surplus material and this is something that is always at the forefront of our mind when purchasing core. To continually obtain good quality material, we need to make sure that everyone feels that they are getting a fair deal with the prices that we are offering, and in taking this approach we have remained the main purchaser for automotive core parts for many years across a vast selection of diverse companies.   

How we grade our core isn’t a massive industry secret, prices are generally set by the market with units that are the hardest to get hold of (or are least commonly found) often fetching more than common units that are easier to obtain. On top of this, like anything the better condition a unit is (and therefore the easier to remanufacture), the more money it will be worth. 

As a full line automotive supplier, we work closely with a variety of remanufactures meaning that there is always demand for a vast array of different material. Working so closely in this space allows us to be confident with purchases knowing that we will be able to find a suitable buyer, which means instant decisions and payment for customers looking to sell any used material. 

With Premier Components’ size and industry recognition, we can sell your core material relatively quickly after purchase. One thing that we don’t do however is make you wait for your payment until the goods have sold, we offer immediate payment terms so even if your surplus stock isn’t immediately in demand you will still receive full immediate payment and can sit back and relax - or start building up your next batch for our buyers!

Premier Components currently has over 60 members of staff with a select knowledgeable team dedicated solely to heading out on the road buying. With such a large team of skilled buyers, we can work around your busy schedules to arrange a visit to go through your surplus material and discuss prices! 

So, now that you know that our prices are fair, our payment terms are immediate, and our buyers can visit at any time to fit in around your schedule, what are you waiting for? Give Premier Components UK Ltd a call today to find out why we are Europe’s leading automotive broker! 

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