How We Grade Our Core

Friday, March 16, 2018

Here at Premier Components we are serious about core. We take extreme pride is how we grade and categorise our core material.

Often, when people think about used automotive core, they think of old, unloved, broken units that are left to one side with little care. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be the case, however we know that your surplus stock could be one of your best assets and know how valuable some material can be worth in the remanufacturing industry.

To get the very best price for your core, we need to ensure that it is in a good enough condition to be repaired as cost effectively as possible, to do this not only do we have to be extremely careful when handling and putting away core, but also when grading it. Our business in a nutshell is to buy quality used core and then sell it onto a suitable reman buyer, as such we need to ensure that we are grading the core we are buying effectively as to give the best possible prices to our customers to create a longstanding and positive business relation, but also grading correctly for our buyers who are purchasing a certain type of unit that they know they will be able to fix and re-sell into the market. 

To make sure that our core is graded correctly, we have a four-step process that we strictly follow, this is:

1) All our buyers, no matter how experienced, take part in regular training days where they are assessed on their core grading ability, and new parts are discussed along with any issues that they have noted whilst out in the field. When one of our skilled buyers visits a premise, they will inspect and grade the core material and lay this out into piles for the customer to double check whilst they run through the prices and also discuss why they have graded each unit into the different sections. 

2) Once agreed, these goods will be carefully boxed up and sent back to our warehouse. Once they reach our warehouse the first stop is the pre-sort area! This is where all units go before being divided up into the relevant section. This gives us another chance to grade the core and make sure we agree with what the buyer has said. 

3) Once the goods have passed pre-sort, they are then sent onto the relevant section where they will be assessed and graded once more, and then put away into the relevant sub-sections. 

4) When a new order is placed, the goods will be double checked one final time and boxed up ready to be sent onto the customer.

With such a careful approach to core, it’s no wonder that Premier Components remain one of the largest full line core brokers in Europe. If you have a surplus selection of automotive material, why not get in touch with us today and experience for yourself why more and more companies are turning to us for expert help in selling their core.


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